Follow our 4-Step Process
to Comply with Uniform Guidance Procurement Standards

Vendor Centric's Uniform Guidance Procurement Compliance Program for Federal Grant Recipients

Federal grant recipients – including state & local governments, international NGOs, health & human service organizations and other nonprofits - are now under increased scrutiny and oversight with regard to their procurement activities. The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has released over 40 new procurement-related standards that federal grant recipients must follow.


Vendor Centric's procurement experts (and former auditors) have researched each of these standards and created a 4-Step Process – complete with policies, procedures, templates and procurement software – that your organization can follow to progress from wherever you are currently to full compliance with the new Uniform Guidance standards.

We've created four compliance-focused solutions to help you with each step in the process.
  1. Policy & Procedure Gap Analysis. Compliance starts with updating your documented policies and procedures to ensure they are accurate and complete. We’ve made the process easy with our UG Procurement Gap Analysis toolkit.  We’ve broken down the requirements for each of the nearly 60 procurement-related standards, and created a step-by-step process for comparing those requirements to your documented procurement policies and procedures.  We’ll let you know which standards you’ve already got covered, which still need to be addressed, and even update the language for you so your policy & procedure manual is comprehensive, complete and accurate.

  2. Procurement Document Library.  The new standards require lots of documentation. We've created a library of procurement templates, forms and tools - all designed to support documentation requirements under the Uniform Guidance.  The library includes templates like procurement planning forms, due diligence questionnaires, contracting guides and monitoring plans - all of which can be configured to meet the requirements for both contractors and subrecipients.

  3. Procurement Management Software.  With so many new procurement standards to manage, it’s important that you have visibility into activities being performed across the entire organization.  Our web-based, procurement management software creates transparency across the organization, while also helping you automate and streamline your entire procurement process. You can assign responsibilities, track and manage activities and store your required documentation - all in one, central location.

  4. Training for Staff.  With updated policies, procedures and forms comes the need to train your staff so they clearly understand their new roles and responsibilities. The training program we develop with you will serve to make your staff aware of the new procurement responsibilities under the Uniform Guidance, and educate them on the specific policies, procedures and forms they must follow for managing procurement in your organization.​

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