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Success Story - Staples Advantage

Staples Advantage is the B2B division of Staples and a Vendor Centric Strategic Partner.  The company provides deeply discounted pricing on hundreds of products to our clients and members of our managed purchasing cooperatives.  


In winter 2015, Staples received an inquiry from the Telfair Museums through the Alliance Purchasing Cooperative, a program that Vendor Centric manages for the American Alliance of Museums.  Telfair was an existing Staples Advantage customer, but was interested in comparing current pricing to the pricing available through the cooperative.


The Staples Advantage team provided the museum with an apples-to-apples comparison of their current pricing versus the cooperative pricing. The savings were significant - the museum saved 17% on its office products simply by linking their account to the cooperative pricing. They could use the same ordering system and work with the same account manager; they only thing that changed was their better pricing.


But seeing the benefits of the cooperative program, Telfair didn't stop there. They were surprised to learn that Staples was the largest distributor of janitorial supplies, and that their cooperative program provided additional discounts on everything for their facility including soap, paper towels and trash liners.


So the museum decided to also consolidate its janitorial supplies with Staples Advantage. Doing so not only saved them more money, it also helped them simplify ordering of all supplies and provided more visibility into their spend. Plus it consolidated everything to one invoice, one package and one delivery - which was good for the environment too!

“We had already been supplying Telfair Museums with office products, but were able to quickly and easily provide them with additional savings through the cooperative. Plus we've grown our business by supplying their janitorial supplies too. Vendor Centric has been a great partner, and really works hard to create programs that benefit not only its clients and cooperative members, but its preferred vendors too."


Beth Wolinski, National Account Manager

Staples Advantage

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