It's time to Rethink Vendors.

The discipline of vendor management has evolved greatly in recent years. In our podcast we cover a variety of issues such as cybersecurity breaches, new government regulations on procurement and third-party oversight, and concerns over reputational risk are just of a few of the forces coming together that require organizations to think more strategically about vendor management.

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The Evolution from Procurement to Vendor Management with Joe Payne, Source One

Strategic Sourcing and Procurement with Joe Payne, Source One Management

VendorRisk Part 2: Vendors, Contracts and Vendor Risk Management - Oh My!

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2018's Top 10 Challenges to Implementing Uniform Guidance Procurement Standards

How to Establish a Framework for Your Vendor Management Program

Four Outcomes to Achieve from Any Vendor Management Program



Rethinking Vendors

Our flagship publication shares our philosophy on power and untapped value of vendor relationships.

Emerging Trends and Best Practices in Vendor Management Programs 


Learn more about emerging trends and best practices in vendor management programs.

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Vendor Centric provides everything you need to implement a framework for managing your vendors.

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