Create a Bottom-Line
Benefit for Your Members

Vendor Centric's Managed Cooperative Program
for Nonprofit Trade Associations

Trade associations are continually looking for ways to improve the value of the purchasing programs (i.e. affinity programs) offered to members.  While much of the conversation tends to focus on lower prices, we've actually learned over the years that price is only one component - and oftentimes not even the most important component - of a successful, member-focused purchasing program.

Vendor Centric’s Managed Cooperative Program enables trade associations to create a unique, member-focused buying program that delivers much more than lower prices.  We work with associations to solicit direct input from their members regarding cooperative design and vendor selection.  We listen to members regarding their needs related to price, product selection, service levels and reporting, and work with vendors to create contracts that deliver more than just better pricing.


Whether you want to create a new purchasing program for your members, or make an existing affinity program more successful, Vendor Centric can provide a process-driven approach and make management a breeze.

What Your Members Can Expect
  • Great products, services and support from pre-qualified, national vendors

  • Access to better pricing, terms and services through leveraged buying power

  • Participation in cooperative only promotions and special events

  • Direct input into vendor selection and contract improvements

What Your Association Can Expect
  • A measurable new benefit you can offer members

  • A new, non-dues (non-royalty) revenue stream for you

  • Hassle-free management as we do all of the heavy lifting

How it Works

We use our proven six-step process for creating, managing and growing your purchasing cooperative:


  1. Design the Cooperative Framework. We work hand-in-hand with you to categorize areas of operations, identify desired purchasing programs, and design the framework for your cooperative.

  2. Configure Your Vendor Portfolio. Based on desired purchasing programs, we’ll provide immediate access to existing group purchasing contracts. We’ll also establish a strategy and plan for adding new vendors and contracts in areas of interest.

  3. Configure Cooperative Platform.  We configure a cooperative website specifically for your cooperative and your members.

  4. Onboard and Educate Preferred Vendors. We educate vendors about your members’ industry and buying habits, and prepare them for success in working with your members.

  5. Develop Cooperative Marketing Strategy. We provide best practices and work with you to create and implement a cooperative-specific marketing strategy to create awareness and interest with your members.

  6. Manage Ongoing Cooperative Operations. We provide all of the ongoing management for the cooperative including vendor contracts, website management and reporting.

Next Steps

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