Vendor Centric specializes in helping nonprofit organizations create and maintain disciplined policies, procedures and systems for procurement and vendor management. 

Results of Our Recent Survey on Uniform Guidance

Stop by to get your FREE copy of our recently released report.  We'll be sharing highlights from the report, and insights from nearly 150 grant recipients who participated in the survey. 

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Here's What We'll be Talking About

Attending the InsideNGO 
2017 Annual Conference? 

Getting Compliant with UG Procurement Standards

We'll be sharing best practices for getting (and staying) compliant with all 59 procurement-related standards in the Uniform Guidance.  We'll also be demoing VendorRisk, a cloud-based procurement software we've configured to support UG procurement standards.

See how VendorRisk can help you:

  • Manage subrecipients and contractors

  • Document a history of all procurement activities

  • Run automatic SAM and OFAC checks

  • Easily and quickly create procurement reports

  • And much more…

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