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Virtual credit card payment solutions are an emerging trend in the B2B space. Here is a quick primer, with a link to a video of how virtual credit cards work.

Commercial cards are fast becoming a preferred means to eliminate paper, deploy more automated capabilities and support fraud mitigation.

Vendor acceptance of electronic payments continues to grow as companies look for ways to streamline accounts payable. Here are a few reasons why.

Virtual credit cards simplify processes, strengthen internal controls, and increase revenue with cash rebates. Download our checklist to find out how.

The benefits of accepting payment by virtual cards generally outweigh the cost to vendors. Here are three reasons acceptance is growing with vendors.

The nonprofit's guide to virtual credit cards. Understand and leverage virtual credit cards to pay vendors electronically.

Virtual cards are designed to be an efficient alternative to check or ACH payments. Here are four ways in which nonprofits are well-positioned to benefit.

Most companies work with vendors that have both a retail and an online presence. Think Staples and Home Depot as prime examples.

Vendors like these provide a great deal of convenience in that you can b...

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