Are you ready to comply with the new
Procurement Standards under OMB's Uniform Guidance?

Our 4-Step Process can help you identify issues, close gaps and get your procurement policies and procedures compliant and ready to audit.

OMB's Uniform Guidance includes 40+ procurement standards that went into effect December 26, 2017 for recipients of

Federal grant and cooperative agreements.

Vendor Centric's procurement experts (and former auditors) have researched each of these standards and created a 4-step process - complete with policies, procedures, templates and online system - you can use to get your nonprofit organization compliant for 2018 and beyond.


Vendor Centric's 4-Step Process
for Complying with UG Procurement Standards

1. Update Policies & Procedures Manual to Meet Uniform Guidance Procurement Standards

What's Required: Compliance starts with documented policies and procedures. Your staff will follow them to execute procurement activities, and your auditors will use them as the basis for their testing. It's critical your policies & procedures are complete, and that they include all procurement standards defined in the Uniform Guidance.


How We Can Help: We've developed a Procurement Policy & Procedure 

Framework that incorporates all 40+ UG procurement standards into one cohesive document. We use the framework to help you identify and close gaps in your existing documentation, and ensure your written policy & procedures manual is comprehensive, complete and accurate.

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2. Develop Guidelines & Templates to Document Procurement Compliance

What's Required: Documentation - and lots of it. Most of the new procurement standards under the Uniform Guidance require non-Federal entities to document how they complied with each applicable standard. In addition to developing new templates, forms and tools, you'll also need to establish guidelines and instructions for your staff as to how they should properly document all types of procurement activities.   

How We Can Help: We've created a library of procurement templates, forms and tools - all designed to support documentation requirements under the Uniform Guidance.  The library includes resources like procurement planning forms, due diligence questionnaires, contracting standards and sub-recipient monitoring plans. Each resource incorporates the appropriate UG documentation requirements yet can be personalized to also support your unique procurement activities.

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3. Implement New Procurement Activities Consistently Across your Organization

What's Required: With so many new procurement standards to manage, it’s important your nonprofit organization has clear visibility into activities being performed across your entire organization.  It will be important to not only ensure activities are performed completely and consistently, but that there is accountability for documentation and results.

How We Can Help: Vendor Centric's cloud-based, procurement management software creates transparency across the organization, while also helping you automate and streamline your entire procurement process. You can assign responsibilities, track and manage activities and store your required documentation - all in one, central location.

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4. Get Your Staff Ready to Comply

What's Required: Compliance. You're staff are required to comply with all Uniform Guidance procurement standards starting with your fiscal year beginning after December 26, 2017. That means they need to understand these new requirements, and they need to know your specific policies and processes that they'll need to follow. 

How We Can Help: Our UG Procurement training program will educate your staff about all of the changes under the new standards, and can be personalized to incorporate your own, unique policies and procedures so they can actually implement the changes successfully in your organization. ​

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We've helped many others get compliant -

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