We help organizations strengthen purchasing strategies, reduce risk and create unique relationships with vendors that provide value for everyone.

At Vendor Centric we don't just specialize in purchasing. We focus on helping you and your organization get the most out of every vendor relationship.   Here are a few ways we can help:

  • Developing strategies for sourcing with vendors and developing a low-risk vendor portfolio
  • Assisting in RFP development and management
  • Identifying opportunities to streamline purchasing practices and lower your costs
  • Designing and managing industry-specific purchasing cooperatives for members, affiliates and franchisees
  • Creating new ways to engage vendors with your association and your members

Rethinking Vendors is our flagship publication about vendor relationships. Written in 2012, the e-book captures our core philosophy about the untapped value in the customer/vendor relationship. 

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Organizations of all types and sizes can increase their ability to drive growth, control costs, and mitigate risk by being more strategic about their vendor relationships and by taking a more process-driven approach to how they manage those relationships. Rethinking Vendors was written for organizations that want to spend less money while also creating more value from their vendor relationships.
— Tom Rogers, CEO, Vendor Centric

We're Your Partner in Purchasing!

Whether you want to improve purchasing in your own organization, or create a more valuable relationship with the vendors who serve your members, we can help.

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